Pure water by Zion, Water Purification,
Pure Health Systems Incorporated,
Pure water by Zion,
PHSI  Pure Protection Guaranteed
This advanced multi stage filtering process transforms regular tap water into pure
Oxygenated drinking water that you can trust, knowing that it is safe to drink.
The first stage
is a 10 micron per filter that removes Particulates, more advanced then the ones used in
The second stage
filter is an advance ultra fine carbon block filters that removes toxic chemicals like pesticides
and  solvents.
The third stage
is an ultra fine reverse osmosis membrane  (80 GPD  RO. Membrane)   
This membrane is so fine that it strips the  water molecules of all contaminants  even those
that have been dissolved into the water like chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs and
Inorganic materials like Lead, Mercury  and Arsenic these are just a few of the harmful
contaminates that are found in today's drinking water that our purification system removes.
The fourth  stage
Is another ultra advanced fine carbon block filter that is provided as an extra buffer to
remove any residual contaminants before the water is transferred to the surgical stainless
steel sanitation tank.
The final stage is our patented proses.
The water is stored in a Surgical stainless steel storage tank and injected with oxygen to
replace the oxygen that was removed in the filtering process and to remove all bacteria from
the water thousands of times faster and safer than chlorinated products.
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Pure Water By Zion
Patented  Oxygenation Process
Kills Bacteria 1000's of times faster and safer
    The Microprocessor Control
Provides a level of performance safety and programmability never               
before  seen in a point-of use drinking water system. Settings are                 
conveniently  preprogrammed from the control panel by our technicians     
which also gives immediate system performance feedback  to you at the   
touch of a button, providing worry free pure water.              
The system constantly monitors itself assuring you of its continues  
quality performance..   Giving you peace of mind knowing that you and
your family are drinking water that is safe to drink.
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